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Question for current members of this group

Is there anyone still interested in play?

Ghouls in the Big Easy

Mom had left instructions on her way out the door to take Nikola and address the disturbance in Louisiana. Ashley didn't particularly want to take the vampire with her, since she was sure she could do it herself. She kinda got the impression that Mom wanted her to babysit Nikola and that meant if she were on a call, well, he had to go too. He was also almost being a team player these days, so there was that.

Ashley rapped on the open door of his lab. "Hey, Tesla? You in?"

Taken and Reserved Characters

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All unlisted characters are available, barring the very slight chance they have only just been accepted and not yet added to this list.


Of Paperwork and Big Announcements

Paperwork. If there was a task everyone disliked, Magnus included, that would have to be it. No one with an ounce of common sense would like doing paperwork. It was long and didn’t serve any other purpose than making government officials happy when they audited one of her Sanctuaries. Of course, she wanted to keep her impeccable reputation, which was why she was so insistent with every member of her staff. It didn’t mean that she had to like it herself.

She sighed, putting the document that was in front of her on the pile to her left and taking a new one from the pile on her right. United Nations. Great. Them again. These days, they never seemed to be happy with anything she sent.

It had been a while since Helen had had a girl to girl, or mother to daughter, talk with Ashley. Sure, they talked every day, but it was always ‘abnormals this’ and ‘abnormals that’, never time for them to have a real discussion. On the plane back from London, she had promised herself to have at least one real discussion with her per week, or two weeks, depending of crises at hand. She had been back for a few days already and there was never a time. Ahsley was always down somewhere with Henry, which Helen couldn’t blame her for. They were friends after all…

Paperwork it still was though. Unless Ashley came to see her, she wasn’t leaving this chair. This needed to be done by 8 PM tonight.

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Reintroducting Old Friends

Nikola glanced at he passenger and saw he had fallen asleep. He shook his head in disbelief. He had been the one to find him and he still couldn't believe this was real. He still wasn't sure, that's why he was headed to drop off his passenger at an old friend's. She's sort this out. DNA and abnormals were her specialty after all. She may even have something of another old friend's that may sort out this mystery.

His passanger shifted in his sleep and groaned in pain. Nikola's jaw tightened, anger flaring. His passanger was injured. Badly mistreated by the people he had 'liberated' him from. Well, he had liberated himself, Nikola had simply given him the distraction he needed to slip out of his captors' clutches.

He fished his phone out and sent a quick text message as they were caught in gridlock.

"Bringing old friend for visit. Will need use of your medical experties. Should get there within the hour," he punched in and then hit "send".

ooc: Name change

Just so you guys know, I'm switching my Nigel journal. It had been invisible_m4n, but I'm using my nigelgriffin journal instead. Please remember to tag this one now.

BTW- Helen, would you like to set up a thread with Nigel?


Restlessness provokes the unexpected

Devon sat on her back porch swing and mused as she stared out at the thick greenery. The sounds of tiny laughs and protests came to her over the buzzing of the local insect life; the poor things tormented and chased by the passel of pixies flitting through the leaves. The air was heavy and humid and made her glad she'd opted for minimal in the way of clothing today - minimal being her shortest pair of sleep shorts and a camisole top. She pushed on the wooden planks of the porch with her bare feet, setting the swing into a steady rocking motion as she began to sort through the muddle of thoughts in her mind.

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(OOC - I figured this could be a little 'this is where Dev is right now' post as well as hopefully giving people ideas or a nudge to a plotline. :) If not - well, I can muse :P)


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Plot post here. Let's get this solidified so we can start posting again. I adore out of comm character building and long, epic length drabble entries, but we need to get this comm moving again.

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